27. September 2023

• Shopify has announced support for Avalanche NFTs through the Venly app.
• Merchants can now mint and list NFTs on Avalanche through their Shopify storefronts.
• Customers can purchase NFTs using fiat payments and receive a link to the newly-created Avalanche wallet holding the NFT.

Shopify, the e-commerce platform, has announced the addition of support for Avalanche NFTs through its blockchain app, Venly. This means that merchants on Shopify can now mint and list their NFTs directly onto Avalanche through their storefronts.

With Venly, sellers on Shopify can provide customers with a wide range of opportunities, such as selling NFTs, offering NFT-gated experiences, or using NFTs for authentication by tying them to physical products.

What’s more, customers who purchase NFTs on Shopify’s platform won’t need to own an Avalanche wallet or handle any crypto. All they have to do is make a fiat payment, after which they will receive a link to a newly-created Avalanche wallet that holds the freshly-minted NFT. Customers are free to transfer the NFT to another wallet of their choice.

In addition to the support for Avalanche, Venly also already supports Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon.

The Venly app is available on Shopify’s App Store and is open to all merchants. The service was previously only accessible to select Shopify users, but now it is available to everyone.

To start using the app, merchants must first purchase the required subscription plan, which starts at $49 per month. They can then choose the type of NFTs they want to mint and list, and Venly will take care of the rest.

The addition of Avalanche support is a major milestone for Shopify, as it opens up more options for merchants to create and sell their own NFTs. It also helps to increase the adoption of NFTs, as customers now have an easier way to purchase them.