28. November 2023

• Several crypto whales, including Binance, moved a large amount of XRP in the last 24 hours.
• Whale Alert spotted five XRP whale transactions with a total of nearly 100 million XRP.
• The price of XRP surged from $0.37 to a high of $0.50 in 7 days, making an increase of nearly 30%.

XRP Transfers by Crypto Whales in Last 24 Hours

The tracker and analyzer of cryptocurrency transactions across the blockchain known as Whale Alert first spotted several Ripple (XRP) transfers to multiple accounts that happened within the last 24 hours. These transfers were made by crypto whales such as Binance, Bitstamp and Upbit.

Binance Transfers

The biggest transfer was 41,140,453 XRP worth $21 million which was transferred from the world’s largest crypto exchange Binance to an unknown wallet address. Following this transaction, another 20 million XRPs worth approximately $10 million were shifted from an unknown wallet address to Bitstamp and 20 million more were sent from Binance to an anonymous wallet account. Additionally 22,805,000 XRPs valued at roughly 11 million USD were sent from Nexo to another unidentifiable wallet address. Lastly Upbit shipped 20 million xrps worth about 10 Million US Dollars to a mysterious wallet address as well.

Price Surge

These massive transfers occurred when Ripple saw one of its most bullish trends this year and its trading price had increased by 14.85% within the last 24 hours according to CoinMarketCap data. In only seven days the token surged from last week’s low point at $0.37 up to a peak value at $0.50 resulting in an overall growth rate of almost 30%. At present time Ripple is being traded around 0.5707 USD per coin yet it still holds significant potential for further acceleration according to many experts in the field who predict that it may hit even higher levels soon enough if current trends persist over time..

SEC vs CFTC Regulations Updates

This news comes shortly after Ripple CTO mocked both SEC and CFTC regarding their recent updates on regulations in regards with cryptocurrencies leaving many investors wondering just how much impact will these changes have on Ripple’s future performance on markets worldwide?


It is important to note that while 5 whale transactions totaling near 100 Million XRPs happened in just one day investors should always be careful when dealing with such volatile assets and always perform thorough research before investing into any type of cryptocurrency related activity or product due to the risks associated with them