27. September 2023

The gaming industry and blockchain technology continue to converge.

The esports organization OG has entered into a partnership with the gaming company DMScript, which specializes in blockchain services

According to the industry journal The Esports Observer , the OG esports team, which competes in the game CS: GO, will advertise DMScript on their own jerseys. This means that the brand of the blockchain company will be visible at e-sports tournaments around the world in the future.

Through the cooperation with OG, Crypto Bank also wants to develop a better understanding of the business opportunities that arise in e-sports. The team should help the blockchain company to develop new ideas and solutions that create added value for gamers.

In return, OG can rely on the technical solutions from DMScript and use them to further develop its own brand

As OG co-founder Xavier Oswald indicates, the partnership with DMScript should not be the last collaboration with a tech company, because other similar collaborations are to follow in the next few years.

OG already cooperates with SteelSeries, Secretlab and Red Bull, whereby the logo of the beverage manufacturer is incorporated into the logo of OG.

Esports and blockchain have come closer together in recent years as more and more companies in the industry recognize the benefits of the technology. The resulting projects are very different, however. For example, there is an e-sports streaming platform based on cryptocurrencies called Theta , which “rewards” gamers for streaming or e-sports tournaments financed by cryptocurrencies .