28. November 2023

• CoinTracker and H&R Block have announced a partnership to simplify the crypto tax filing process.
• Through the partnership, users can now leverage automated crypto tax filing capabilities for an efficient, accurate, and simple experience.
• The upgraded functionality allows users to import their crypto tax information accurately and quickly to file with confidence.

CoinTracker Partners with H&R Block for Crypto Tax Filing

CoinTracker, a leader in cryptocurrency tax and portfolio tracking for consumers, has partnered with H&R Block for the 2023 tax season. This collaboration will streamline the process of filing taxes on digital asset holdings and make it easier for users to remain compliant with regulations.

Automated Crypto Tax Filing Solution

The upgraded functionality will enable users to automatically enter rows from Form 8949 into H&R Block Online when connected to CoinTracker. This eliminates the need for manual copying and pasting of transactions from Form 8949 as part of the online DIY tax filing process.

Benefits of Partnership

In addition to simplifying the manual process of crypto tax filing, there are several benefits associated with this partnership: free CoinTracker tax plans; 10% discounts on CoinTracker tax plans; access to H&R Block’s team of expert advisors; and enhanced support resources.

Understanding Crypto Gains & Losses

Nearly half of Americans were unaware that they had to file taxes on digital asset holdings in 2022 – highlighting the importance of understanding how crypto gains and losses are taxed. Through this partnership, H&R Block and CoinTracker are helping bring convenience by providing automated solutions and making sure users get every dollar they deserve while remaining compliant.


The collaboration between CoinTracker and H&R Block simplifies the complex process of filing taxes on digital assets – eliminating complexities associated with DIY crypto tax filings while ensuring accuracy throughout the entire process.