L’acquisto di Bitcoin da $ 1,5 miliardi di Tesla getta il gatto tra i piccioni istituzionali

Elon Musk è l’eroe o il malvagio dell’anno dopo che l’acquisto di Bitcoin di Tesla ha polarizzato l’opinione degli investitori istituzionali.

Non tutti gli analisti sono convinti che la recente acquisizione da parte di Tesla di $ 1,5 miliardi di Bitcoin ( BTC ) si rivelerà vantaggiosa per il gigante tecnologico quanto lo era per il prezzo della moneta BTC

Il responsabile della strategia azionaria di Saxo Bank, Peter Garnry, ha scritto in una nota di ricerca che Elon Musk aveva esposto Tesla ei suoi investitori a un “rischio immenso”, come riportato da Reuters l’11 febbraio.

“Elon Musk ha esposto Tesla a un immenso rischio di mark-to-market”, ha scritto Garnry, aggiungendo che la principale preoccupazione per gli investitori era valutare il valore di Bitcoin a lungo termine, data l’intensa volatilità del mercato a cui è stato soggetto sin dalla sua creazione.

Altrove, l’ex dirigente di Goldman Sachs Gary Black ha annunciato ai follower di Twitter l’8 febbraio di aver chiuso le posizioni detenute in Tesla Inc ($ TSLA), citando “l’allocazione di capitale più rischiosa” dell’azienda tra le sue ragioni

Il valore di Bitcoin è aumentato del 20% nelle 24 ore immediatamente successive alla diffusione della notizia relativa all’acquisizione da 1,5 miliardi di dollari di Tesla , innescando una rinnovata ondata nel mercato delle criptovalute con conseguenti nuovi massimi storici per Bitcoin, Ether ( ETH ) e molti altri. Nel frattempo, il valore delle azioni Tesla è sceso del 7,5% nel corso dei successivi giorni di negoziazione.

Contemporaneamente è stata riportata la risposta di Brett Winton, direttore della ricerca presso ARK Invest, che alloca l’8,75% del suo portafoglio in azioni Tesla, che ha affermato che l’investimento rappresenta un “uso appropriato del denaro”, aggiungendo: “Siamo a nostro agio con il modo in cui che stiamo prevedendo le posizioni che stiamo mettendo di fronte ai nostri clienti “.

Il CEO di Grayscale, Michael Sonnenshein, ha recentemente suggerito che la pubblica rivendicazione di Bitcoin da parte di Elon Musk avrebbe innescato una “corsa” agli investimenti da parte di acquirenti istituzionali e altri “visionari” tecnologici. Sonnenshein ha affermato che la scala di grigi, che ha un interesse acquisito nella questione in esame, ha assistito a flussi in entrata più forti nel 2021 rispetto a quelli registrati durante l’anno record del 2020.

Bankruptcy of Mt. Gox: a creditor recovers its bitcoins

CoinLab, the former partner of Mt. Gox, offers creditors a pre-trial agreement.

Creditors who refuse the agreement can still sue Mt. Gox.

Bitcoin’s current prices create a huge opportunity for those who would accept the deal.

The Trust Project is an international consortium of media organizations based on transparency standards.

Coinlab, a former partner of Mt. Gox, reached an agreement with CFO Nobuaki Kobayashi on January 15.

The CoinLab agreement allowed one creditor, and now allows all creditors to claim up to 90 percent of the bitcoin related to the bankruptcy of Mt. Gox, according to Bloomberg.

Creditors accepting the Financial Peak review will receive advance payments, instead of waiting for the verdict of several court cases related to the company’s bankruptcy.

According to CoinLab, the agreement is not valid for all creditors. Indeed, if some decide to refuse this agreement, they will have to wait for the judgment of the ongoing cases,” says Coinlab.

The company Mt. Gox was a platform for the exchange of Japanese crypto-money, and was at one time a leader in its field. Entrepreneurs Peter Vessness and Mike Koss created CoinLab in 2011 to help the platform find investors in the United States.

A long, long journey

In 2014, the platform abruptly shut down, with surveys revealing that it had lost more than 850,000 bitcoins belonging to its customers. Shortly thereafter, the company filed for bankruptcy, leaving these customers uncertain, and no response to the possibility of recovering any of their bitcoins.

Mt. Gox attributed the loss to a series of violations, which the platform’s customers and the crypto-currency community deemed suspicious.

Japanese authorities subsequently accused the company’s former CEO, Mark Karpelès, of embezzlement. They accused him of having accessed the platform’s computer system to falsify data on his outstanding balance in order to conceal the hacking.

In the six years following the company’s closure, the Japanese authorities recovered a large part of the missing Bitcoins with the help of several crypto-money analysis companies.

None of these bitcoins found their way to Mt. Gox’s customers due to numerous investigations and lawsuits.

The Mt. Gox Millionaires

The CoinLab agreement brings hope of an end for one creditor, and now all of Mt. Gox’s customers. For some, it is the resumption of the storm.

The day Mt. Gox filed for bankruptcy, Bitcoin was trading at $489. That puts the value of lost bitcoin at just over $415 million.

Bitcoin soared to over $37,000 following a series of institutional investments in 2020. The value of lost (now recovered) Bitcoin is now $31.5 billion.

Many of Mt. Gox’s former clients became millionaires during the six years their bitcoins were held.

While many community members are pleased that justice is being done to compensate former Mt. Gox customers, they are concerned that the compensation could trigger a huge sale from customers whose lives could change overnight.

Ripple (XRP) falling 60% as major exchanges stop trading it

The price of the XRP fell to lows of $0.22, more than 60% lower since the U.S. SEC opened a lawsuit against Ripple, and now the major exchanges announce the suspension of their trading 

The XRP value may fall to a minimum of $0.20 soon if the bears keep pushing down.

Before the U.S. regulator, the Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC), filed a lawsuit, XRP had seen its value more than double during the 2020 bullish cycle. The price of 4th place cryptomoeda rose to $0.79 on November 24, with bulls targeting $1.00.

The SEC process, however, saw the value of the digital asset plummet 13% on December 22 and over 41% the next day.

XRP/USD daily price chart. Source: TradingView

On the daily chart, the division below 100-SMA continues to limit the bullish action, with the moving average located near $0.35. The struggle with resistance at this level, along with the bearish outlook for MACD and RSI, suggests that the path of least resistance could be down.

The XRP/USD currency pair has fallen about 20% in the last 24 hours after Bitstamp and Coinbase announced their plans to suspend trading. Overall, the XRP fell almost 60% last week.

XRP faces a number of obstacles, as shown by the Fib retracement levels of the recent decline from a maximum of $0.60 to a minimum of $0.20. The 23.6% ($0.30), 100-SMA ($0.35) and 50% ($0.40) Fiber Shrink Levels provide immediate levels of seller interest.

XRP/USD time graph. Source: TradingView

On the hourly chart, the price of the XRP is below the simple moving average of 100 hours, which further strengthens the short term bearish perspective. While $0.22 provides strong support, the continued rejection around $0.23 is further weakening the bulls. The hourly MACD is decreasing while the RSI remains within oversold territory.

If bears can establish a balance around $0.20, the next stop will probably be the $0.15-$0.10 zone. According to HornHairs cryptomorphic analyst, the XRP may fall to $0.009 if it reaches the March minimum.

XRP/USD chart showing a potential decline to $0.009. Source: CryptoHornHairs on Twitter

At the time of writing, the XRP/USD currency pair is trading around $0.22 and the downward spiral may continue if prices fall.

The bearish scenario will be cemented if investors discard the token following plans from major trading platforms such as Coinbase, Bitstamp, OKCoin and Crypto.com to suspend XRP trading.

American Express invests in a cryptographic platform

American Express invests in a cryptographic platform for institutional clients

American Express (AmEx) has revealed an investment in the FalconX encryption platform. The exchange is designed for institutions and claims $3 billion in volume per month.

American Express (AmEx), the renowned payment card provider, enters the cryptomastics market with multi-million dollar financing in FalconX. The company is developing a trading platform for cryptomoney trading dedicated to institutional investors.

Neither company has disclosed the size of the investment, although The News Spy it follows an initial financing of $17 million in May. The round included the participation of Accel, Accomplice VC, Avon Ventures, Coinbase Ventures, Fenbushi Capital, Flybridge Capital and Lightspeed Venture Partners.

Harshul Sanghi, Head of American Express Ventures, commented on the investment:

“American Express Ventures invests in startups to better understand the emerging areas of the payments ecosystem, and we are pleased to support FalconX as it moves into the cryptomatics space. »

Increase in institutional activity

In addition to the recent investment by American Express, FalconX has reported strong growth in its institutional client base and revenues. Revenues have increased by 350% since May. The platform claims a trading volume of approximately $3 billion per month and has 250 institutional clients.

Raghu Yarlagadda, co-founder of FalconX, explained :

“A growing number of companies and hedge funds are interested in cryptography. We are at the heart of this institutional growth. »

FalconX explains that fund managers are treating cryptomoney as a hedge against inflation and recent macroeconomic policies.

In June, FalconX announced a partnership with startup TRM Labs, supported by PayPal, to monitor transactions and provide real-time information on potential money laundering and other illegal activity on the platform.

FalconX also intends to explore a payment service dedicated to cryptography, and could benefit from AmEx’s experience.

Atari partners with Enjin (ENJ) for the development of NFTs

The iconic Atari continues its exploration of the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) by partnering with the Enjin (ENJ) project. Together, companies are committed to promoting the integration of blockchain in video games.

Atari lands in the Enjin ecosystem

The Enjin (ENJ) project is known to be one of the forerunners of the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), mainly in the video game industry. For Atari , which has entered the cryptocurrency world for some time now, it was only natural to collaborate with Enjin.

From now on, all games in the Enjin ecosystem will be able to use Atari’s intellectual property, even integrating some of its iconic licenses like Pong.

The first game to benefit from this will be Kick Off Evolution , created by eBallR Games which will be available from 2021. This sports-themed video game will feature an Atari-inspired NFT which will be available for purchase during the month of December.

“We are very happy with this collaboration with Atari and its launch with our latest Enjin adopter, eBallR Games. Atari resonates with all audiences because the name Atari is synonymous with gaming, and its belief in blockchain shows the maturity of this technology and the tools now available, ”said Alex Russman, Director of Business Development at Crypto Revolt.

For Atari, being able to combine NFTs with an interactive experience is very enriching. The group says it is particularly enthusiastic about the idea of ​​innovating in the sector, and this is already what it has been doing for several months.

A rather difficult entry into the market

Besides his particular interest in the world of NFTs, Atari went further. The group recently launched its own token , ATRI . Rather expected by investors and the crypto-community, all did not go as planned for Atari. Unfortunately, the price of the ATRI token plummeted very quickly upon its arrival on the markets, even falling below the price of its public fundraising.

Due to technical issues related to the distribution of pre-purchased tokens during fundraising and too few use cases upon release, the token dropped by -75% in just 2 days.

ATRI Atari course prices

Although Atari’s token is not very successful, the group already occupies a large place in the world of NFTs. In addition to Enjin, Atari has already joined other ecosystems, including that of the Ultra (UOS) video game distribution platform . Ultra will be natively integrated into the reboot of the Atari VCS, a PC / console hybrid that will be launched in March 2021.

Atari has also made a place for itself in the virtual world of The Sandbox (SAND), a blockchain game whose universe is based on NFTs owned by players.

Anyway, Atari does not intend to leave aside the world of NFTs and wishes to take advantage of the many capacities of this ecosystem to return to the fore. Ultimately, its ATRI token should gain many use cases if Atari goes further in its collaborations, which will improve the image of the token.

La fornitura di Chainlink di proprietà delle balene è in declino

La fornitura di Chainlink di proprietà delle balene è in declino; Ecco perché

Il prezzo di Chainlink sta scivolando più basso oggi, in quanto l’intero mercato dei cripto-cripter mostra alcuni segni di debolezza. La sua continua discesa è dovuta al fatto che BTC scende al di sotto dei 19.000 dollari e che anche altre valute crittografiche come l’ETH diventano più basse.

Finora il calo visto da LINK si è attenuato, ma si sta rapidamente avvicinando a un livello di supporto cruciale che si è mantenuto forte in più occasioni nel corso dell’ultima settimana.

Sembra che l’incapacità di Bitcoin di superare i suoi massimi di tutti i tempi nella regione da metà a fine anno a 19.000 dollari sia parte del Bitcoin Era motivo per cui gli altcoin stanno lottando per guadagnare slancio. Finché non riuscirà a guadagnare uno slancio decisivo verso l’alto e a fissare nuovi massimi, gli investitori potrebbero continuare a fuggire dalle attività a rischio più elevato.

Una società di analisi sta ora notando che Chainlink sta crescendo in modo fondamentalmente forte man mano che i gettoni crescono sempre più distribuiti tra i titolari.

Notano che l’offerta di LINK detenuta dai primi 10 portafogli è diminuita, mentre il numero di nuovi indirizzi creati inizia a salire.

Questo significa che il cripto potrebbe essere sul punto di vedere una forte spinta verso l’alto, in quanto parla della crescente pressione di acquisto tra i commercianti al dettaglio.

Il collegamento a catena si immerge nel supporto chiave come Altcoins Selloff

Al momento della scrittura, Chainlink è in calo di poco più del 4% al suo prezzo attuale di 12,94 dollari. Questo è all’incirca il prezzo al quale è stato scambiato negli ultimi giorni.

Solo pochi giorni fa, il crypto è sceso ai minimi di 12,40 dollari prima di trovare un forte supporto che lo ha aiutato a risalire oltre i 13,00 dollari.

Anche se ora si sta rompendo al di sotto di questo livello, c’è qualche serio supporto appena sotto dove sta attualmente facendo trading che potrebbe aiutare a rallentare la sua discesa e portare ad un ulteriore rialzo nei giorni e nelle settimane a venire.

Piattaforma di analisi: LINK vede il diluvio di nuovi investitori

Nonostante la stagnazione dei prezzi di Chainlink, la criptovaluta ha visto un’ondata di nuovi investitori che probabilmente continueranno ad aumentare la sua azione sui prezzi nelle settimane e nei mesi a venire.

Parlando di questo, una società di analisi ha dichiarato che il numero di nuovi indirizzi è in crescita, indicando che nuovi investitori al dettaglio stanno versando denaro in LINK nonostante la sua tendenza alla stagnazione.

“La percentuale dell’offerta di LINK detenuta dai 10 indirizzi più grandi delle balene continua a diminuire fino a dicembre. Tuttavia, la crescita della rete (nuovi indirizzi creati) ha ripreso a crescere, il che potrebbe essere una valida spiegazione”.

Se questa tendenza persiste, potrebbe in ultima analisi contrastare i venti contrari che hanno causato il calo del prezzo della criptovaluta nell’ultima settimana.

Bitcoin vetää takaisin Joe Biden -voiton jälkeen

Se on ollut melko viikko kärsivällisyyttä USA: lle ja koko maailmalle yleensä. Onko politiikasta tullut huono vai hyvä viikko, riippuu kenenkään kannasta. Kuitenkin Bitcoin (BTC) hodlers , se oli hyvä viikko.

Lippulaiva-salauksen hinta on noussut yli 8,5% viimeisten seitsemän päivän aikana

Se on nyt noin 15 000 dollaria ja viettänyt yli 100 päivää yli 10 000 dollaria. Tämä Bitcoin Code hintatoiminta on saanut joitain asiantuntijoita ennustamaan uutta piikkiä. Toiset matkustavat nyt muistilinjoilla ja tarkastelevat vuotta 2016 positiivisten merkkien löytämiseksi.

Vuonna 2016 se oli myös esivaalien aika, ja vakautta seurasi massiivinen mielenosoitus. Bitcoinin seuraava vastustustaso on 17 000 dollaria. Saavuttaako bitcoin tämän tason? Paljon siitä riippuu siitä, kuinka pitkälle se putoaa ensin.

Valaat ovat optimistisia, koska vaalipäivänä 58 861 BTC siirtyi pois Binancesta, mikä tarkoittaa huikeaa 816 miljoonaa dollaria. Tämä liike voi johtua kaupasta. On kuitenkin myös mahdollista, että valaat valmistautuvat hintaralliin.

Lähes 1 miljardi dollaria muutti myös Silk Road -lompakosta ensimmäistä kertaa vuoden 2015 jälkeen. Se voi johtua hakkeroinnista, mutta aika näyttää siitä. Omalta PayPal on optimistinen tulevaisuuden BTC. Maksayritys nostaa viikoittaisia ​​ostorajoituksiaan 10000 dollarista 15000 dollariin.

Salalla on myös uusi ystävä Yhdysvaltain senaatissa. Republikaanien Cynthia Lummis voitti kilpailun Wyomingin edustajana. Hän hankki ensimmäisen kerran bitcoinin vuonna 2013 ja uskoo, että digitaalisesta valuutasta voi tulla luotettava arvovarasto.

Blockchain on myös hereillä

Mutta tällä hetkellä ei vain bitcoin menesty hyvin. Taustalla oleva bitcoin-tekniikka on myös rullalla. Associated Press onnistui käyttämään lohkoketjua vaalitulosten julkaisemiseen samalla, kun taattiin, että näitä numeroita ei voitu hakata. Australian senaatin jäsen Andrew Bragg on ajautunut loputtomasti lohkoketjuun keinona helpottaa taloudellista noudattamista.

Gibraltar on liittynyt Global Blockchain Business Counciliin tarkkailevana jäsenenä. Mielenkiintoista on, että Britannian merentakainen alue liittyy yli 50 maahan neuvostoon, ja se aikoo edistää blockchainin käyttöä saarella.

Bangladeshin HSBC: n paikallinen osasto on myös onnistunut tekemään maan ensimmäisen kansainvälisen blockchain-kaupan rahoitustapahtuman. Mukana olevan digitaalisen hyvityskirjan käsittely kesti tuskin 24 tuntia. Ilman estoketjua sama prosessi kestäisi viisi tai kymmenen päivää.

Bitcoin ja sen taustalla oleva lohkoketju voivat olla nousussa. Kuitenkin hajautettu rahoitus (Deli) markkinat ovat alkaneet rauhoittua. Ethereumin palkkiot laskevat huomattavasti, mutta Electroneum on hereillä ja aktiivinen. Tämä kryptovaluuttamaksuverkosto on juhlimassa kolmatta vuosipäivää. Sen tavoitteena on laajentaa ETN-kolikon käyttöä ja kasvattaa AnyTask-keikka-alustaa .

8000 ofiar oszustw Bitcoin otrzymuje zwrot pieniędzy od amerykańskiego regulatora

Amerykańska Federalna Komisja Handlu zwraca około 8000 ofiar, które straciły pieniądze na zainwestowaniu w dwa oszustwa związane z bitcoinami. Oszustwa obiecywały, że inwestorzy mogą zamienić swoje płatności kryptowalutowe w wysokości około 100 USD na 80000 USD miesięcznego dochodu.

Ofiary piramid bitcoinowych otrzymują zwrot pieniędzy

Federalna Komisja Handlu (FTC) zaczęła wysyłać zwroty pieniędzy ofiarom dwóch oszustw inwestycyjnych związanych z kryptowalutami: Bitcoin Funding Team i My7network.

Zgodnie z ogłoszeniem przez The News Spy w środę, oba programy „fałszywie obiecały, że uczestnicy mogą zarobić duże kwoty, płacąc kryptowalutę, taką jak bitcoin lub litecoin, za zapisanie się do programów”. Jednak FTC szczegółowo:

Bitcoin Funding Team i My7network były łańcuchowymi programami polecającymi, które polegały na rekrutacji nowych ludzi do zarabiania pieniędzy. W rzeczywistości większości uczestników nie udało się odzyskać początkowych inwestycji.

FTC wysyła przez Paypal 7 964 zwrotów na łączną kwotę ponad 470 000 dolarów ofiarom obu programów, które rozpoczęły się 5 listopada. „Średni zwrot wynosi około 59 dolarów.

Odbiorcy, którzy otrzymają zwrot pieniędzy za pośrednictwem Paypal, będą mieli 30 dni na zaakceptowanie płatności ”- wyjaśniło FTC

Promotorzy tych dwóch programów – Thomas Dluca, Louis Gatto i Eric Pinkston – zostali zamknięci w marcu 2018 r. Twierdzili, że zespół ds. Finansowania bitcoinów „może zamienić wypłatę równowartości nieco ponad 100 USD na 80 000 USD miesięcznego dochodu”. FTC wyjaśniła, dodając, że te dwa systemy to „łańcuchowe systemy rekomendacji – rodzaj piramidy”.

FTC twierdzi, że czwarty oskarżony, Scott Chandler, promował Bitcoin Funding Team i inny zwodniczy program rekrutacji kryptowalut o nazwie Jetcoin. Oszustwo twierdziło, że inwestorzy mogą podwoić swoje inwestycje w 50 dni, ale FTC twierdzi, że „program nie spełnił tych roszczeń i zaprzestał działalności w ciągu dwóch miesięcy od uruchomienia”.

Oskarżeni naruszyli „Ustawę FTC dotyczącą działań wprowadzających w błąd, przedstawiając fałszywe programy poleceń łańcuchowych jako okazje do zarabiania pieniędzy w dobrej wierze i fałszywie twierdząc, że uczestnicy mogą zarobić znaczne dochody, uczestnicząc w trzech programach” – wyjaśniła agencja federalna.

Ethereum 2.0 phase 0 about to start? Developer gives hope for an update

Ethereum (ETH) is switching to a new consensus algorithm. This is called proof of stake (PoS) and means that the user feeds or uses Ethereum into the network and thus validates blocks. The picture shows stacked Ethereum Coins.

The start of phase 0 in Ethereum 2.0 is expected soon. At least that’s what the latest blog post by ConsenSys developer Ben Edgington suggests.

The first part of this Bitcoin Billionaire app milestone event is the introduction of the deposit contract, which has already been slightly delayed. The developers are waiting for an audit of a performance and security-oriented signature library called blst wanted to wait.

Ethereum 2.0 phase 0 about to start?

Edgington stated that the results of that review are expected later this week, although there are still a few improvements to Ethereum’s Phase 0 that need to be done beforehand.

The most important thing is how Danny covered the developers call this week. He said the exam is going well, the results are expected next week and then we can ‘pull the trigger’

He also advised waiting a while for those who are not entirely sure at first that they can rely on the operation. So that this could initially be the case with the majority of ETH holders.

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Medalla gets a restart

The medalla beacon chain test network is about to reinitialize after a three-week break due to the inactivity of the validator. The network needs two thirds of the validators to be online and participate. However, that number has recently dropped to around 50%.

To get things going again, inactive validators are being removed from the pool to make room for those who wish to join and participate. According to beaconcha.in, there are currently over 3,890 validators in the outbound queue while 9,426 are waiting to participate.

Edgington has blamed the general testnet fatigue on the lack of validator participation, adding that there was a big drop when the Zinken network was launched.

That is the problem with unincentivated test networks: the termination does not cost anything.

He mentioned that this deadline gave the customer developers time to clean up technical issues with their software, although there is still a diversity problem as an Ethereum client dominates the tests.

Avec cet indicateur de bitcoin historiquement fiable à un niveau record, l’analyste Willy Woo s’attend à ce que le prix suive

La cryptocarte a récemment atteint un nouveau sommet historique, mais ce n’est pas celui auquel vous pensez.

Cependant, un indicateur historiquement fiable suggère que la récente hausse du bitcoin a plus de chances de se poursuivre après la course de la cryptocouronne vers de nouveaux sommets annuels. Au moment de mettre sous presse, le bitcoin se consolide au-dessus de 13.200 dollars, après avoir échoué de peu à faire disparaître le record de l’année dernière de 13.885 dollars.

Selon Willy Woo, un analyste de la cryptocouronne, le ratio NVT du bitcoin est à un niveau record, ce qui implique une perspective haussière pour le prix de la cryptocouronne. Le ratio valeur du réseau de bitcoin sur les transactions (NVT) est un indicateur sur la chaîne qui montre quand le réseau de bitcoin est surévalué par rapport à la valeur réelle des transactions qui le traversent.

Au 27 octobre, l’évaluation organique de la principale devise de cryptologie basée sur le NVT des investisseurs à long terme avait dépassé 10 000 dollars pour la première fois de l’histoire. Woo va plus loin en notant qu’à mesure que cette mesure battra des records, le “prix” du bitcoin suivra.

Les bitcoins détruisent toutes les autres classes d’actifs

Cela fait suite à la course effrénée de bitcoin vers de nouveaux sommets en 2020 au cours des deux derniers jours, alors que d’autres classes d’actifs comme les actions, les matières premières et les métaux précieux comme l’or ont lutté pour repousser les ours.

Il est intéressant de noter que le célèbre investisseur Raoul Pal a récemment décrit le bitcoin comme un “trou noir supermassif” qui consomme et détruit tout ce qui l’entoure. M. Pal estime que cette tendance se poursuivra au cours des 18 prochains mois. Et avec la chute de l’or contre le bitcoin, il pense que les investisseurs du métal précieux finiront par le jeter pour le bitcoin.

“Les performances de Bitcoin sont tellement dominantes et globales qu’elles vont aspirer chaque élément de l’actif et le recracher. Jamais auparavant dans ma carrière je n’ai vu un métier si dominant que le fait de détenir d’autres actifs n’a presque aucun sens”, a ajouté M. Pal.

L’année 2020 a été une année sauvage pleine de surprises. Néanmoins, le bitcoin est resté dans l’ensemble sur une tendance à la hausse constante. Les politiques d’impression de monnaie adoptées par les gouvernements face à la pandémie ont considérablement augmenté la possibilité d’une inflation galopante dans un avenir prévisible. Les investisseurs sont déjà à la recherche de refuges appropriés pour les aider à surmonter la tempête de l’incertitude. Bitcoin correspond au profil, selon Pal.

La macro, les flux, la technologie, la démographie et les souches sociétales ont tous convergé vers ce moment précis et la réponse définitive des marchés est : “Bitcoin”. Je comprends que cela semble un peu évangélique, mais j’ai du mal à voir les choses autrement en ce moment”.

Il ne sera pas surprenant de voir que le bitcoin va bientôt prendre suffisamment d’ampleur pour dépasser le niveau de 14 000 dollars, en partie grâce aux investisseurs individuels et institutionnels très en vue qui affluent vers cet actif.

Est-ce l’année où le bitcoin est enfin adopté par le grand public ? Qui sait ?