28. November 2023

There are three days left for the long-awaited Bitcoin Halving, an event that has the attention of the entire crypto ecosystem focused on it. In this edition, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple are present for our quick news today.

Bitcoin breaks the 10K since February
We started our quick news today with Bitcoin GeminiBitcoin RevolutionBitcoin StormCrypto CashCryptosoft, with which the cryptomoney recovered on Thursday in large volumes, trading above USD 10,000 for the first time since February 24 at the end of the day.

The recovery means that investors who bought Bitcoin earlier this year would now increase their investment by almost 40%.

The increase follows a massive sale of cryptomarkets in March, as the economic consequences of COVID-19 affected both traditional and new alternative financial markets.

The biggest discussion about Bitcoin’s Halving, an event expected to take place on May 11 that reduces the supply generated by miners, has made the world’s oldest cryptomarket a priority for many investors.

At the time of writing, the cryptomoney is trading at USD 9,983 according to our online crypto tool.

Bitcoin could reach USD 100,000, said Mark Yusko

Continuing our quick news today, it was learned that the CEO of capital management giant Morgan Creek, Mark Yusko, said he sees the price of Bitcoin soar by more than 1,000% starting next year.

If Bitcoin’s market capitalization reaches the same value as gold, crypto could logically see its price exceed $100,000 sometime between 2021 and 2022, Yusko said in an interview on YouTube’s Altcoin Buzz channel.

Yusko added:

“In fact, I think this transition will be the biggest opportunity for wealth creation that I’m likely to see in my life.”

Is Bitcoin testing the $10,000 or can he beat it before Halving?

Report points out why Ripple slows down on weekends
Switching from Bitcoin, we’ll now look at Ripple’s case. A new report by intelligence firm Blockchain Flipside Crypto apparently indicates that Ripple’s business activity slows down considerably on weekends. The question is, why?

In the report, titled “4 things you need to know about XRP money flows,” the company analyzes XRP flows through the ecosystem and notes that XRP activity drops significantly over the weekend. It theorizes that this is likely due to a lack of consumer or retail interest in the asset.

Flipside Crypto provides business intelligence for Blockchain companies by “walking a chain of blocks” to extract behavioural data from stakeholders. This data helps a Blockchain project to better understand itself, which is essential to develop a growth strategy.

It should be noted that Flipside Crypto does not work with other cryptosystems, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, its main case study is Ripple.